Traffic Tickets & Judicial Process

A person who is given a citation by a police officer can pay the indicated fine directly to the Traffic Tribunal or Municipal Court, by mail, or on the Internet.

If the person wishes to plead not guilty or otherwise contest the charges, he or she is required to appear in court on the predetermined date on the citation, where they may make their case to the judge, or negotiate with the prosecutor before they are called to appear in front of the judge.  If a person plans to contest the traffic citation, then it is important to know the rules and procedures that govern this process.  For the rules governing Rhode Island traffic citations, click here:

For example, Rule 11 of the Traffic Tribunal Rules allows a person to obtain information from the police which is “material” to defending the traffic citation.  You must file a motion to obtain this information before trial.  Often, the failure to obtain this information is the difference between winning and losing.


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